January 17, 2017

Classroom Organization Tips

An organized classroom is a happy classroom! Today I'm going to share a few organizational tips that help me keep my sanity!

These drawers are a life-saver! I teach math, science, and social studies, so I keep papers that I will need soon in these top drawers. I am very cautious with personal student information, and my own, so I have a shred drawer. When it gets full, or when I have time, I take this drawer to the office shredder. We use behavior cards for behavior management, so I keep a drawer full of these. We use NC Studies Weekly Newspapers to supplement our social studies curriculum, so I have several weeks' worth run off in this drawer. Every morning we do NC "Tidbits," so I have these in bags, ready to go each week. I give a weekly math homework sheet, so I have several weeks of this run off, too. I also send home weekly multiplication games for students to play at home, so I have these ready to go, too!

Supporting My Pen Obsession & Tracking Assignments
Does anyone else have an obsession with pretty pens? I keep mine organized, by color, using this organizer that I purchased from Michael's. In the middle of the organizer, I keep my grade sheets. My homeroom is pink and my block two is green. When assignments come in, I use a corresponding grade sheet to see who has turned everything in. My grade sheets also have a place to record grades. When grades have been recorded, I file the graded work to send home and I put the grade sheets in a drawer to record later. Once grades have been recorded, I put the grade sheets in my "shred" drawer. These grade sheets, which are editable, are available for purchase in my store my clicking here.

Chromebook Storage
I have 10 Chromebooks in my classroom. When I had six, I had them on the countertop. Now that I have more, there wasn't room to store them. I have tried lots of options, but this is my favorite. I use file organizers to store them. Mine are metal and came from Wal-Mart - they were around $10 each. I used a silver Sharpie to label them #1 - 10. One file holder holds #1 - 5 and the other holds #6 - 10. I also numbered the chargers. Everyone knows which number to use and they know to put them back, in order. It clears up the countertop for students to work and it looks so nice! I also purchased a metal crate to store headphones in. Most students use earbuds, but someone always forgets them at home.

At My Desk
I like to keep my desk area organized. I purchased a file holder and pretty folders to keep important papers at my reach. I also purchased a file drawer from Lowe's Hardware to keep important items in. It was an ugly blue, so my husband spray-painted it purple, my favorite color! Then he drilled it to the wall. I made cute labels and used double-sided tape to tape them on the inside.

Helpful Boxes
The last area I want to share with you is by the door. I have three important baskets here. The first is my BoxTops basket for students to turn in BoxTops. The second is my "Lost and Found" basket. This has helped tremendously! Students simply put things they find in here, rather than bringing them to me or wandering around the room asking who something belongs to. When students lose something, they know where to look first. I have a student who is in charge of cleaning out the basket every other week. The third basket is my "Extras Box." This also helps maintain my sanity. If students lose a paper or for whatever reason don't get one, they don't have to ask me - they simply check the box.
I hope you have found some helpful organizational tips here! I would love to hear your best tips!!

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