January 29, 2017

A Must-Try Vocabulary Resource!!

I was at a workshop last week. The workshop was about building vocabulary. Our literacy specialist, Ms. Sonya Vannoy, who is AMAZING, taught us lots of ways for students to interact with and learn new vocabulary words. She informed us that research shows that students score lower on tests because they don't know the vocabulary words. Students struggle when a question asks them to go back into a text and define a word. As she taught, I began to think about the math vocabulary my students have to know. Yes, I have taught the skills and strategies. But honestly, no -  I cannot say that I have spent enough time on vocabulary words. Then Ms. Vannoy showed us Quizlet. I wanted to run back into my classroom and begin using it immediately!

Here's how it work:
  1. Sign up for a FREE account at Quizlet.com. (You can also upgrade, but for now, I'm sticking with the free version.
  2. Create a "set" of vocabulary words. You need to have at least 12.
  3. Once you have your "set" made, you can do so many things!! Students can:
    1. Study flashcards
    2. Learn the words
    3. Spell the words
    4. Test on the words
    5. Match the words
    6. Play "Gravity" with the words
    7. Play "Live" with the words

I'm going to tell you about the "Live" option.

  1. Make sure everyone has a device that can connect to the Internet. We use Chromebooks.
  2. Go to your account and choose "Live."
  3. On your interactive board, it will tell students to type in www.quizlet.live. It will also give them a log-in code.
  4. Once they type in the code, they type their first name.
    1. I make it a rule - first names only. If someone doesn't follow the rule, you simply click their name to remove them. This ensures that no one puts a silly name.
  5. When everyone is in, you hit "Start."
  6. Each student will have an animal appear on his/her screen. This animal represents the group he/she is in. For example, all the students with a rhino on their screen are in the "Rhinos" group. I give students 20 seconds to find their groups. All groups are also displayed on the interactive whiteboard. 
  7. Once you click "begin," questions will start. 
  8. Each group will have the same vocabulary word on their devices. However, each student in the group will have a different set of word choices. Students must view all members' screens to see who has the correct word.
  9. If the group is correct, they move ahead. (All teams are shown on the interactive whiteboard throughout the game). If groups miss one, they go all the way back to zero!
  10. The first team to 12 wins!

* This game is excellent for teaching teamwork and collaboration! If students don't work together, it is impossible to win the game!

* Your students will learn their vocabulary words because they want to win!

* If groups miss a word, the correct word and definition appear on the screen for them to study.

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